Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Chapter 7 written!

This week has been mostly busy, with very little writing. Today I didn't feel great in the afternoon - I'd had errands in the morning. I had a headache and felt quite sick, but I know that's because I hadn't eaten enough before lunch (a similar thing happened Friday, where I missed my two morning snacks). I didn't feel like writing. I managed 10 minutes of gaming (huge whoohoo news, since I haven't gamed for months. I figured since I can knit, I can also game), and read a little.

I was so hyper after gaming, remembering why I love it so much, that I wanted to write. 'Just 10 minutes' I wrote to a friend.

1 hour 20 mins later, I've written a whole chapter! Nearly 2k :) Go Muse!

Now I'm going off to relax :) I've learnt I can write even when I'm not feeling amazing, which is nice.

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