Monday, 20 December 2010

Today's snowy adventure

At the weekend I was a little disappointed that we didn't have more snow, but it meant I could make it in to work.

Since I live out in the country, my journey usually takes me through little villages, up and down hills etc. I'm not fond of getting to work via a nearby town. However, it was essential to do that today, because I didn't know what the road conditions were like and didn't want to run into any problems.

My road was a bit icy, but I got down the hill okay. The only real problem I had was at work - where I park there is a small slope and 3 spaces. It was full of snow!! It wasn't cleared. I guess I understand why cos most people use the main car parks - the spaces there are if you're disabled. It's a good thing they are so wide cos I go in and do a 3 point turn. Well today it was a lot more points in the turn, for a van was in my normal space (grrr!) so it was harder to move. However, I moved then so that if I needed to leave quickly I could.

Due to the different route, I was a little later in to work (but that's ok - not everyone is able to get in). I was there for a total of just under 2 hours. It started snowing. I began packing things up. Family called to say it was snowing near home. I hurried up and scampered to my car. I'm so glad I didn't have to turn it around! I did have to put Sat-Nav on, so I wouldn't take the wrong exit on roundabouts in town. I made it home safely and just in time. It was snowing gigantic flakes, quite heavily. Then it stopped. It's just started again. The footprints that showed clearly at the weekend are nearly covered. I suspect I could be home for holidays already.

I plan on lots of reading and writing! Today I know I planned to write, but then I realised that I can't just in case I'm in work tomorrow. Although that looks a bit unlikely, I'm still not writing today. I had a few chores to do, ones which take up energy. Plus...okay this part is my fault entirely. I watched the Apprentice last night (normally fine) but I stayed up to watch the last program (the one that went on until 11pm...) so I'm feeling a little delicate today :) I'm going to catch up on emails etc then read!

Enjoy your day, and I hope you are all safe and warm.

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