Sunday, 19 December 2010

Little and often that's the key

Today I didn't feel amazing. I wanted to write, but didn't feel up to it. So I asked my Muse just to come up with 500 words, then I would call it a day. She managed nearly 900. Then I had laundry and lunch to cook (it lasts me a few days which saves energy in the long run), so I'm tired after that. I've read a book, created a review, and I had wanted to read some more but my brain is tired! So I'm going to have an anime fest :)

I'm currently on Chapter 26 of Inescapable Ties. Yeah, might have length issues in the first round of edits. Oh well! I'll just have to see how it goes. Current word count is 53,701. Wow! Nice!!! Didn't realise I'd reached nearly 54k. Mmm, 70 is the limit. 16k to go. Which equates roughly to 8 more chapters. Um...yeah. I have a feeling the story could go on a bit longer than that. I guess I can worry about that later - I'm sure some sections I can condense.

Time to relax! Enjoy the rest of your weekends :)


Beth Overmyer said...

Go, Nayu, go!

I wrote today :-) Just around 150 words, but it felt good. Every little bit, right?

Glad that you're almost finished with IT. I'll start reading in the new year, if that's all right. *still wants to be an alpha--and/or beta... if that's okay*

Nayuleska said...

Thanks Bethy! Yup, little bits most definitely count.

Nearly finished...? Um....unsure. I know exactly what will happen, but I have suspicions that this draft could be on the long side. Oh well!

Sure, would love to have you as a reader! I'm trying to get it finished by Jan (for alpha reading).