Friday, 17 December 2010

Sleepy but I'm writing!!!

This is partially in reply to Bethy's comment on the previous post :) But also because I am doing an update.

This week has been a busy one. Yesterday was mental. It's been mostly a happy week, but with various bugs and viruses lurking around my work, I've been helping out in a different office.

That's mostly why I haven't written this week - that and sleep!

Today I am still sleepy. I woke up at 3.15am. Wide awake, so no going back to sleep for me. It happens sometimes. Although it seems to regularly happen at that time if I forget to take my anti-nausea tablet at bedtime. Great! I got some reading in (whoohoo), and surfed the net.

Work today was a little bit calmer, but the day still flew by. I was able to leave early cos I had time owed, plus at my work town it was snowing big fat flakes. I was worried about what home would be like. I shouldn't have bothered worrying about being able to get up my hill. As soon as I was on the edge of my work town, there was bright blue sky and sunshine! We *might* miss the heavy snow shower, we might not. Who knows!

Anyway, I had a good chat with my Muse on the way home. Initially she was faking sleep with snores and mumbling. I suspect the mumbling was something about me, maybe including words like lunatic, slave-driver, highly opinionated, too slow at writing. As I passed one bird on the road with a feather sticking up in the air (I did smile, poor bird, but it was funny!), then another bird in a similar position (birds on that road are a bit thick!) I set my Muse straight. If she has the energy to think up what to say in reviews, to think about what to put in her own wip, then she will write.

I'm not going to write after reviewing. I'm going to write first, then review. I might stick with this policy for a little while. Reviews will still get done but since I can get engrossed in them, It's best if I write first!

So today I'm sleepy (I've been up 12 hours now! And yes I still don't go to bed until usual time 10pm. Otherwise I'd wake up at 1am or something. I'm happy to be having 7-8 hours sleep at the moment. It's such a luxury for me. And I think it's doing me good too. Sleep is wonderful! When it is solid, undisturbed. And topped with lovely dreams :) )

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