Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Yesterday I felt sleepy all day. Perhaps it isn't surprising that I overslept today. Thankfully work are reasonable, and I had some time owing so it was okay. However, I had to cover for a colleague who was sick. I did have another colleague helping me (yay!) so we got to catch up, but the work was a bit busier in some respects to what I normally do, and I'm now tired again. Thankfully I'm not sleepy tired (not much), just worn out tired.

So although I planned to work on my wip today, and to write reviews, I'm not. I'm being good and resting. Do you know how I'm doing that?

Reading :D Brain doesn't need to function on too high a level. Hoping to regain some battery charge tomorrow :)

I'm a little frustrated that I've got to wait until late January before I can join Hotel Chocolat's chocolate club (mmm chocolate!) But I think I can treat myself between now and then with other chocolate!! Each month I'll get a few bars of chocolate, some batons, and some little chocolates to taste. I'm opting for the Elementals range - because it's the alcohol free one. 2011 is the year of chocolate. What? I've got to treat myself somehow!

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Beth Overmyer said...

Hope you're well rested now, friend.

CHOCOLATE! I just had some chocolate-covered English toffee. It was YUM.

Take care,