Monday, 4 October 2010

What shoes are your characters wearing?

Today while debating over which pair of boots to get (for a variety of reasons I'm going for none and sticking with my current shoes), I thought about shoes in WIPs.

Every character needs a good costume. One or two of mine have funky footwear. In my current WIP (current in all terms of the word. Wrote 500 odd words yesterday! When the pressure's off, I do well :) ) 30 minutes a day gets a book written. Anyway, back to the footwear. In my current WIP, my current character is wearing socks for shoes. On a spacestation. No, she isn't a child. She was given them as part of her mis-matched outfit.

Do you know what shoes your characters wear? What type of socks? Any? None? What colours/patterns/shapes/textures? Do they have military style laces, or laces with jazzy bits on them? Do they have little bobbles on? Footwear does matter!

I also mean the metaphorical shoes. Are you able to step into your characters' shoes? Can you feel what they feel? See what they see? Think (or at least imagine) like they think? Doing so will make the novel shine!

Go shine your shoes :) It's worth it.

For non-writers....I'm sure there might be some here (how bad am I for not checking who is on my blog list?) when you read a book can you step into the shoes of the character easily? What about the characters in a movie? Or a video game? (I can say an enthusiastic yes to the latter!)

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Good thoughts! I don't know that I give too much thought to my characters foot ware... I should do that more :P