Friday, 1 October 2010

Ever had salad stir fry?

I sit here, on this rainy, Friday evening, with a wet cat on my lap. Belle goes out dry, comes in wet. Naturally I'm the best place for her to dry.

Anyway, on with today's post!

I promise to post pictures soon (yes, still loving my camera). But I would like to open your taste buds to a different kind of stir fry.

At a local Chinese I'm used to having cucumber hot rather than cold in a dish. I order my fruit and veg through a local box scheme (convenient, organic, and super tasty). For weeks I've been having the salad box. Last week's entailed 3 heads of lettuce, two being different types. So I've had a glut of salad. I needed to use it up. So I though I'd experiment with salad stir fry. It worked much better than expected!

I hope to have a step by step guide to salad stir fry in pictures when I next make it (this weekend). But here's what I did.

1) Took a small white onion, sliced it. Gently fried it.
2) Seeded several tomatoes, cut them up and added them in.
3) Cut off a chunk of cucumber. Cut it in half, then sliced it up (so you have semi-circles). Added them in.
4) Chopped up some lettuce, added it in.
5) Grabbed a whole load of sprouting seeds, threw them in.
6) Splashed in some soy sauce, put in a few pinches of cumin and dried coriander.
7) Turned off the heat, made sure everything was well mixed.
8) Ate it :) In a tortilla.

It is good in a tortilla with avocado, and also fried egg.

Today I successfully fried an egg! Previous attempts didn't quite work out. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

I want to master the art of making omelet. Mine can turn into scrambled egg, especially if I try and add food into it. I'm working on that one :)

In future posts I hope to share my foolproof (really!) recipe for making sponge cakes/fairy cakes in a variety of flavours. It's one easy method :)

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

I need to learn to make an omelet too ... I can't eat a lot the stuff in your stir fry salad .... but it sounds quite ingenious!