Friday, 8 October 2010

Mist in pictures

Yesterday was a beautiful day, with mist in my area. Here are the photos I took from my bedroom window (I'm loving the ability to take photos! It would be good if I could work my camera better. I point and click. For these I took them through the window, on landscape mode. I zoomed in a bit too)

These two (the one above and the one below) is the view I normally see. You can see the mist, but it is in the distance. (I live on a hill. I'm not at the very top, but this is what I look at each day. I love it!) 

 It's amazing what zooming into a photo can do. This looks totally different from the first two photos. 

A chimney top. 

Another chimney top (ok, so this one isn't really foggy, but you can sort of see the fog behind the trees).

The fog is there (and I think another chimney top is too!). 

Now, see how clear this one is (with a chimney top on the left) Compare it to the following one...

Which is super blurry because I moved as I took the picture. But the effect it has is pretty neat - or at least I think it is. This could be the setting for a spooky story (full of chimney tops). 

Last photo, with a chimney top almost in the middle of the photo. The mist is in the background. 

Upcoming photos: fairy rings (aka mushrooms growing in the front garden). 

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