Friday, 20 August 2010

Chilli and a cold

Over the past few days I've been having an on-off cold. That, I can deal with. (Dvds rule!! Not that I've watched many yet. But still, they are cool ).

Yesterday....was the event with the chilli.

I'd used chillies from this place before. So the green chillies looked innocent. I carefully deseeded them. I placed them in with the courgettes and pepper, the soy sauce and brown sugar.

Then I began to cook them.

I kept coughing from the chilli fumes. My family, a few metres away also coughed.

I tasted it - it was so hot! So I picked out the chillies.

I then ate it for dinner.

I didn't have much of it. It was so hot, I rushed out to the fridge for some cucumber to cool it down. That helped only a little.

I'm sure it didn't touch my skin, but from near the bottom of my nose to some point near my chin my skin burned. I had to use ice cubes wrapped in a towel to help cool it down. I ate ice cream for pudding  (tasty). It hurt for a bit after.

Then my hands hurt. The back of my fingers stung a bit, then they got worse. I tried a soothing cream on, but that made it worse.

They are still stinging a little this morning.

I have learnt my lesson. I shall only use a tiny bit of chilli in the future. And I'm not having any hot food this weekend if I can help out (got lunch today and tomorrow with friends). Cool food for me!

I think I'll chop up the chillies and just freeze them so they don't get wasted. Unlike dinner which I had to ditch.


Krispy said...

Yikes! I hope you're better now. I can't take much chili food and can only imagine how awful that was. Eep!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Oh NO!!! I was once cutting up a jalepeno and got some of the juice in my EYE. I thought I was going to die because it hurt so bad. I definitely know how you feel about hot peppers! Must be careful.

Nayuleska said...

I avoided chillies this weekend :) It's an experience I don't want to repeat at all!