Monday, 16 August 2010

I need a usb!

(that is not an invite to spammers to send me mail about usbs).

I'm a little alarmed that I can't find some of my wips on my laptop. I'm hoping they are on my mini laptop. I need to buy a usb because mine have gone missing. I need to then keep said usb in a safe place. And safely transfer everything to my laptop.


Inksie is with betas. It's time to start on something else.

The wip I'd wanted to start on - well I can access it on my writing site...but that is an earlier version. Although...*has a brainwave and goes off to check google docs*  Nope. Nothing there.

Now I'm worried I may have lost chapters of wips somehow! Thankfully it wasn't too many, and since the original starting chapters I've changed the POV's and how I want the story to go. I have now ordered a new usb.

So...I am now going to...write. A funky wip called the Droplet Mage.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

My hubby hates how I save everything to my desktop. I do that so I know where it is. Then I put it into files on based on genres with files for novels in those files or individual stories for picture books in the genre files. I do back up on a usb every few months. Good luck!

Nayuleska said...

USB has arrived :) I can start finding things again!