Sunday, 22 August 2010

USB arrived...I have lost a wip :(

USB has arrived. I've transferred the appropriate files.

And I discovered I seem to have lost a wip. It is possible that it's one where I thought more about it and didn't write much. Because I know I chatted a lot with friends about it (as google chat shows). Oh well! When I get to it this version will be better. I know I didn't write much...maybe I will find it somewhere on my laptop, some day!

My Muse is still a bit undecided which wip to work on. She keeps changing her mind! I'm reading over what I've got so far, and just going for whichever one she jumps up and down about. It sounds an odd way to do it, but I'm in a limbo until the first week of September, after that I'll get my wip back from betas (scary!) and will be working hard on that. This one is for when I have free time when I'm doing that :)

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