Friday, 2 July 2010

All things in Moderation. Apart from chocolate...and ice cream...

...and fudge! Although never to the point where you'll um throw up. I haven't reached that stage before.

This week has been wonderful. I've written a few chapters (yay!), my review blog has had a makeover (it took a while and currently won't be applying same design to here. I intend to play about here, but I'm less talented webwise than my fabulous friend who sorted it all for me.)

As for the moderation...whereas I would love to throw out a chapter a wasn't the wisest move I've made. I need more R&R for health reasons, so instead of aiming for a chapter and continuing until I'm done, I'll be working by time goals. So 1 hour, perhaps 1 hr 30 on writing during working days. The depends on what's going on.

It'll mean I don't end up like I am at the moment, facing a weekend without writing. :( I'm plotting as I do things, and definitely will plot more when gaming. Ahhh, all day happy)

So to avoid a 3 day ban (which is unfair. Really unfair), I'll be writing in moderation. Should be able to write a chapter every 2 days, which isn't bad, right? I've been told that it's ok to do that :)

So, go do things in moderation! Apart from chocolate. Mmmm chocolate....

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