Sunday, 4 July 2010

Muse's Meanderings #1

Deep in the depths of my writing vessel's mind, I, the Muse, also known as several other names which are include Oi! Oi You! QuitBotheringMe! ImTryingToDefeatThisBossAndCanNotDoSoIfYouKeepPokingMeWithStoryIdeas!

Yes, my writing vessel isn't as lofty as I'd like her to be. She has attitude. Sometimes the wrong attitude, but the attitude is there.

I, the Muse, have to put up with so much from my writing vessel. I suppose I can't really complain. I get good payment: anime watching, reading books, plotting while she plays video games (so long as it isn't during a boss fight. Apparently they require more concentration).

She may be busy this morning, going out to socialise with a friend for lunch, but I shall be there, whispering not so sweet nothings into her mind as she heads to her destination. And yelling at her on the way back so she gets some writing.

:) Off I go!

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