Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My Muse is amazing! (Reason behind her strange story twist)

I couldn't stop thinking about it. Maybe that's why the poached eggs didn't go right in the microwave (yes I really will blame the Muse for that). Muse must have been messing with the radio wave.s

The strange twist that Muse created for me today makes perfect sense. Perfect sense now. As I chopped the salad, and trotted back and forth preparing my dinner, I thought on what Muse had done.

I was shell-shocked for a few minutes. I didn't see how I could save the chapter and get some sense back into the story.

Then Muse let slip the reason why she'd thought about the twist. And it's perfect.

I can't put details here. Well, I can but I don't want to. Writer's are like that, keeping plots close to their Muse.

The twist is completely daft. So daft that the reader will wonder why Safiya believes it. That is all I will say :) Muse wants to keep this under wraps. She will be highly unhappy and will torture me by dangling all those other stories in front of me. I can only write so much at a time!

So if you're writing your story, and your Muse throws up something in the story (not in person. Ew!). Go with it. Don't delete. Or even think about scrapping it in the next draft. Sometimes there are reason for it, which aren't made clear until later.


A.R. Norris said...

Love it when the Muse does that! Amazing how many times they surprise us. Good writing and enjoy your twist!

Nayuleska said...

Thank you - twist just keeps getting better!

*hugs Muse*

Not that I doubted her motives :p