Wednesday, 19 May 2010

2 week holiday attempt take 2

Right. This is it. I really am NOT going to write until 3rd June. I am forcing myself not to write.

The break will do me good. Muse will hate me for 2 weeks, but afterwards she'll thank me :)

My aim until early June? Get *nomming* on my ARC pile! As in I'd like to get near the end so I can ask for more :)

So if any of you catch me writing...or saying I'm writing...yell at me. And hey, if I do it, whoever does sight me will get a free book :)

1 comment:

GMR said...

Hmm..sticking to this one is gonna be hard for you (*ahem*) but a break to re-energize the batteries is exactly what is needed at times. Best of luck! ^_^