Monday, 17 May 2010

Maybe I ought to give my laptop to a friend...

....because that is probably the only way I'll get a break! After a wonderful time on Saturday, I couldn't help myself and wrote a bit on Sunday. And some today too.

I'm alternating between two wips. Somehow working in short sections is working well for me. I do a few paras on one, then a few paras on another. I then swap back. The change is as good as a break. I don't get so frustrated at the wip. And I'm still retaining the separate voices.

The 2nd wip might prove more frustrating because it needs to have 3 povs. At least my Muse thinks so so far. I do currently agree with her. 3 povs all in first person is a challenge, but one I think I can rise to. It's strange writing children's and YA at the same time. Reading so much helps me see the difference between the two genres, both in content and in style. I enjoy writing both equally.

So progress is being made on my holiday :) I ought to know better!

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