Friday, 21 May 2010

Day 2 of No Writing Fortnight.

Yesterday Muse was happy with lots of books to read.

Today's been busy, with seeing friends and reviews (6). Muse is Not Happy. She thought of another wip last night, just to spite me. I'm sure she'll come up with even more during my time off.

Yet I'm standing firm and saying no to writing. In spite of Muse practising archery on me. It's a good thing she has a poor aim. Arrows are scattered at my feet. I do care, because I'm very attached to Muse. But I need this break. Whatever she feels, no matter how many water balloons she throws my way (her aim is poor no matter what she uses), I am not giving in.

So nyah to my Muse.

*is secretly crying at not being able to write and hates being mean to Muse*

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