Friday, 2 April 2010

Master Plot Plan 2/4 done !

I've just finished sorting out the plot for Maryam. Now, it looks as though she has less of a role than Abidah, with just 3 pages of notes for the story. That isn't so true. Maryam is pretty crucial. But she is the character who appears the least. At least conscious.... :)

*stretches* Half way there. Got 1 week to reach my goal of having first chapter in the lap of my beta reader. More than doable. I'm off for an afternoon of anime and knitting. Might plot later! Muse is happy, but I'm sleepy (had trouble getting to sleep last night).

Unlike Abidah's pov, the yellow is a quote from the wip. The grey parts are the ones I need to try and include within the scene.

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