Friday, 2 April 2010

Master Plot Plan 3/5 done!

I changed it from /4s to /5s - because although I've only got 4 povs....there will be that slightly tough challenge of working out the order of all the scenes. That could be interesting.

But I've done 3/5 stages! I'm getting closer to that rewrite. Whoohoo! Muse is getting a little hyper. In a good way.

It's so much fun seeing how bad the original was, adding what I've got planned for the new one, and fitting it all together. It's like a big jigsaw. The only solution is in my head.

Might take a quick break before tackling that last pov. Lunch time!

Naturally everything I put up is owned by me. And don't look too carefully at the writing or you could get plot spoilers on the photos.


Danyelle said...

Congrats! You are amazing. :D *plotting cookies*

Rosalind Adam said...

This is all looking so impressive! I'm making myself a promise to get straight back to my novel and use your technique to pull all those flailing plot lines together.