Friday, 2 April 2010

How to carve out even more writing time in a week

No, I still haven't found a way to add extra hours to the day. I am trying hard on this one!

I'm reducing the amount of books I review on NRC. I'll still read like mad, but having a limit to what I review takes pressure off (good for both my health and sanity) and gives me more reading time. Wishlist memes take me a good hour to go through blogs and get info - even though my lovely meme controller posts them for me, I still have to do something on them. That extra hour can go to relaxing/writing.

Details are here.

Muse is happy. She needs more time to wreck havoc on wips. I am getting accustomed to the idea. It's a compromise, necessary for chasing my dream of publication.

Has anyone else sacrificed/reduced something they love for their writing?

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