Thursday, 1 April 2010

Master Plot Plan 1/4 done!

I'm thrilled to bits to have 1/4 of the entire plot for the Inescapable Ties finished. Yay! There was a false ending this morning. I was a bit too enthusiastic and forgot to check the first draft list of chapters (which had more info in).

Just 3 povs to go. Then I put it all together and tada! In theory there will be a Master Plot. Here is what Abidah's pov plot plan looks like. Unsure how much people can see, but there are a lot of points. These are not necessarily going to be different chapters. Or if they are, they won't be very long.

The first bullet point are just things about Abidah I need to remember. The parts in yellow are random thoughts that might need to go in the novel somewhere. Or are just background.

I would like to finish the Master Plot plan in a week. Who knows what the future holds though. I for one didn't expect to get attacked by the infamous Germ Gremlins on Monday. 10am I was fine. 10.45am I was fine. 11am got a headache which didn't leave, and I rapidly felt lousy. Left work a little early (I had extra time), and have been home since. *glares at Wipe Out Germ Gremlins*

And no, chocolate isn't returning the energy to me. Never mind!

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