Saturday, 3 April 2010

Grand Master Plot for Inescapable Ties complete!

Behold! 4 hours of hard work, with grumbling as I walked over far too many plot holes, I'm done. That is it. The Grand Master Plot. All povs are in the correct order (hopefully). I wouldn't have been able to identify, let alone fix the plot holes if I had written the next rewrite without this GMP.

I'm not telling you which colour is allocated to each POV. I'm not giving away my secrets!
Seriously. Plotting saved me. It helped me see the errors of the first draft (far too many). Timing - putting events in the correct order proves tricky when using multiple povs, povs which overlap each other. I had to axe a few tiny scenes to avoid repetition of events.

I'm really pleased. Because now I can go off and write it!

Originally I was debating starting that work tomorrow. But I've worked hard today, and feel I need a lovely break. Muse is happy to rest for a day. Yay!

You'll hear about the chapters as I post them. There won't be any more pretty pictures. This wip is now officially in process of being revised! My brain is officially offline until Monday.

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