Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chapter 1 of revision 1 has begun!

I couldn't resist writing today. I've been good, and tried to relax. Spent lots of lovely hours gaming, and anime watching. I had to start writing before dinner. And after dinner. It's not a fast process, but I'm making progress. Slowly.

However, I just glanced at what I was supposed to put in the chapter. And it makes a lot more sense than what I've been writing. Note to self, refer to Grand Master Plot at all times. So I'm setting the wip down, and going to watch more anime before bed.

Tomorrow, with Grand Master Plot in one window, I hope to write up chapter 1. I'll be up early!

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Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Hey I love your new blog look! And good luck with Grand Master Plot / chapter 1 work tomorrow. :)