Saturday, 3 April 2010

During putting together Grand Master Plot

Because I am *ahem* taking a small break before putting all the plots together, I thought I'd take a pic of what my screen looks like.

On the right of the screen, the large doc is the Grand Master Plot Plan. The green are issues I need to research. The teal highlighted text are points which I will need to look at as I write the wip. The rest of the bullet points, unseen in this shot, are not highlighted, because they are general comments to read once the wip is finished.

On the right, are the 4 pov Plot plans. Colour coded ) The theory is, I'll be able to tell which colour is which as I copy and paste across. I'll know by the text. I'll post up what the Grand Master Plot looks like when it is done. Which will be in a few hours because I'm not taking a break until I finish it.

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