Monday, 15 March 2010

I got poked

Today was a typical Monday. Work followed by errands, followed by writing a review, then cleaning out birds.

I had decided not to write today.

That was until I got chatting to my Meme Controller online. She said I should do some writing today. So I was good and did 30 minutes of plotting. It felt pretty good, I was happy. So put the timer on for another 30 minutes.

Then I realised the pov I was creating had a few issues - Muse needed to decide which way to take the story. I still don't I decided to procrastinate and look up the Terrorist Act (it's necessary, I assure you). Suddenly returning to plotting felt like the best idea ever, because the Terrorist Act (at least the one I'm reading) is a long document, which is really indepth. Yes, I need to read it all. I think I'll read that on my 'to do' day (usually Friday...). Or while eating breakfast. Great way to start the day!

So back I went to plotting. 20 minutes later, with 30 seconds to go (I have an online timer), I finished up the 2nd character's story arc. At least for the moment.

Once the 3rd and 4th are done, I have to reread emails with my key beta reader for this wip, and go through the entire story, making sure I'm not missing details.

Then I have to figure out how to intertwine all 4 povs into chapters.

This is a long progress. But once I've figured out....lets just say in theory it should be relatively straight forward after that. Write the new draft, read through, then send off to betas. Ahhh. Then I can start on the next wip! :D


GMR said...

Congrat's on getting some writing done....even if you had to be poked. XD

It will definitely be worth the final payoff of reaching that "FINISHED" goal. =0)

Yunaleska said...

Yup. I think Monday's are when I need to be poke the most cos I have other things to do in my usual writing time.

Danyelle said...

*plotting cookies*