Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Post highlight editing plotting Progress Report #1

I wanted to plot as soon as I woke up (since I'd solved a sub-plot issue before bed). However, work came first.

Then...1 hour and 30 minutes later, here's what I achieved!

* Plotted out rest of character's story
* Went through all emails with beta, made notes
* Went through plot document, made notes
* Went through chapter 1, made notes.

Only another 16 chapters to go (yes the original was on the short side)

I'm feeling productive, and Muse is happy. Would have tried to reach 2 hours...but I'm extremely tired.

Belle was successfully neutered yesterday. But due to needing to wear a collar overnight (she can't be trusted not to take out her stitches), she was shut in the kitchen. Which is below my room...and she mewed all night. I heard her intermittently with ear plugs in. Zzzzz. 2 coffees at work kept me going. Brain is slowing down very quickly!

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