Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Post highlight editing plotting


Alrighty, this is Muse :) As in me. The creator of all the work which comes out onto this keyboard.

The Instrument Through Which I Get Creative With, also known as Yunaleska, is beginning to get the message that I want My Work out there. On the screen.

This afternoon she's obeying me and writing up the plot for Abidah's character in Inescapable Ties. I've given her 1 week from today to get the plotting out. Should be easily done with only 4 povs to figure out :) I am not a slave driver. That idea must be erased from your brains. I do however push slightly when she's feeling a bit stubborn. Sure, she's feeling sleepy today. She feels sleepy most days! So she can jolly well sit and type a bit.

She's got half of Abidah's story down. I'm happy with that development. Now she's about to throw books at I'd best to let her rest up and read books.

Muse out!


Charmaine Clancy said...

I think I need to get you to talk to my muse for me - I've been a bit too soft on her lately. :-)

Yunaleska said...

Make sure you have someone to poke you :) My Muse chats a lot.