Friday, 12 February 2010

Work experience as a writer

That is how I would describe today. Let's pretend (Yes I'm hoping one day this will come true) that I am writing full time, able to sustain myself on my writing alone. The way today went, I think I have an inkling what life as a full time writer could be like (with/without children/family etc).

  • Got up nice and early, filled with enthusiasm to let my Muse loose on my wip.
  • Until 12pm, I edited (using my highlighting method) 3 and a half chapters. Each one took just under an hour (that was mostly without going online).
  • 12pm I thought it would be a good idea to buy food for a meal with a friend tomorrow. How wrong I was. Yes, I returned with food. But I didn't realise/had forgotten/didn't think that there would be rush hour at lunch time. Few spaces were available in the car park. I found the one I wanted - on 2nd tour of circling the group of tiny car parks. It took me several minutes to figure out what pudding to buy (gone for trifle. Haven't had it for years, and it's vegetarian).
  • Returned home feeling pretty triumphant. Before setting off, I had put the laundry in the machine and put the cycle on.
  • For those of you following me on twitter, you would have seen a group of panicked tweets from me. The washing machine fiasco included me, the kitchen floor, towels, water whooshing from the machine (in small amounts controlled by closing the door, and a lot of damp clothes. Got the clothes out, and emptied most of the water. Successfully sought aid and visited a friend at uni studying her PhD so I could use the laundry facilities. She had the right change for the machines (why don't they take different coins?) and let me spend just under 2 hours as I rewashed the clothes and dried them. Returned home with dry clothes. Felt better when it got suggested 1) washing machines do just pack up 2) it could be the motor 3) from twitter it could be a clogged filter.
  • No I didn't try and unclog the filter. Not with the warning that more water might gush out. I'm pretty sure the house owner can unblock a filter. At least this wasn't my fault.
  • Then spent 1 hour creating dinner, eating it and washing up. I'm too scared to use the dishwasher. Just in case it breaks down. Not a lot can go wrong with a simple sink, filled with hot, soapy water. (Let's not think about blocked sinks...)
  • After that, I knew I wouldn't be doing much editing. So I set about trying to watch a dvd. Laptop decided to throw a wobbly and claim that something between my dvd protection, the region encoding and another thing weren't happy bunnies. I tried downloading updates. That went as well as the washing machine incident, only without water. I tried watching it through a different program. The screen went blank, I could see the orange glow from my mouse, and computer then crashed.
  • I restarted...prayed...and it worked just fine. In between the panic, I thought I'd save time by playing on Eternal Sonata (video game, this is 2nd play through). Barely played 10 mins when laptop behaved. So got to a save point, and returned to watching an episode of Lyrical Nanoha).
  • Then moved onto blogging.
What had started out with the intention for writing all day, turned into a day of unexpected events. From what I hear through writing blog, my day sounds pretty normal. Which is a relief. Although I'd rather not repeat the washing machine incident!

So that was my work experience as a writer. There is no such thing as work experience. You have to get out there and write! (and edit. And write so more. Then edit)


Krispy said...

Even the best laid plans go awry, don't they? Sorry to hear about all the trouble, but I'm glad you got your clothes washed AND dried! :)

I was looking at your highlight-editing. The pictures are very helpful, not to mention cool looking! Very interesting system. Wishing you continued good luck on editing!

Yunaleska said...

Things always work out how they are meant to be :)

Thank you! I only just discovered how to perform the mystical (to me) way of capturing a picture of what is showing on my laptop screen.

I'd glad it helped a little - it makes perfect sense to me, so I do worry about how others perceive it. I know a fair number of other writers who use a method involving colours. This one I made up on my own.

Editing might be finished in a few months :) I'm really excited because this is going to be the first novel I'll query to agents. It took a while to figure out which one to send first. This wasn't the one I'd expected to choose.

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