Monday, 15 February 2010

Quickest post ever...or not

Not the shortest. Just almost the quickest.

News - I had an awful bug this weekend. Germ Gremlins tweeted their Super-Germ Gremlin friends and made incapable of much else other than dvd watching (even that wasn't as fun as it nomrally is). So no writing/editing this weekend. Hopefully will resume tomorrow.

We've been approved by the rescue centre people to have cats with them! I'm so excited. Hopefully we'll still be getting the one we're after. I'm going shopping at the weekend for lots of cat bits (need new ones, understandably).

Review blog going great.

Oh...this is no longer the quickest post ever because I got assaulted the other day.

By my character.

One of them. Safiya is 1 of several main characters in Inescapable Ties. She is the only one who doesn't have a pov in the story - there are reasons for this. I was going to have a story for her explaining why she became who she is in IT. (so 2 stories so far involving Safiya). She's a key character in Diplomatic Disaster. (3 stories).

The assault came concerning what happens between IT and DD. Muse conjured up Safiya, who came and told me exactly what would happen in that inbetween story. It shows how her character changes, and is really important to understanding her in DD (DD is from 1 pov only and that isn't Safiya's).

So Safiya will now have 4 stories about her. 1/4 of that fourth story is already stored in Muse's repository. I know what I'll be doing for a while! It's great fun, and I'm surprised at how much fun this series is. The books can all stand on their own, so I wouldn't necessarily advertise it as a series, but I would explain to interested agents that the scope is there for a series.

I won't be surprised if Safiya wants a 5th story, but she's got quite enough exposure for now.

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Rogrady - Book Lover! said...

Good luck with getting the cat!
When I read

I got assaulted

I was thinking... WOW! Poor you! Then I read. By my character- so I have to read on (:
So it didnt turn out to be a short post after all eh! :D
Ria x