Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How to create 1-2 extra hours in the day for writing.

I didn't magic up 26-hour days (impossible). I'm not skimping on sleep, or eating. Or work.

It's called the internet.

I spend around 1-2 hours a day, tweeting, reading through blogs....etc. Yesterday it dawned on me that I wanted to write more. And that I had free time.

So as of today, I am not doing anything online apart from putting up blog posts, tweeting said blog posts and checking email.

Catching up on twitter and reading blogs will happen on my chore day. 3 day weekend = generally 1 day for chores, 1 day for writing, 1 day for gaming/anime).

Today I went shopping for our new car (arriving in 10 days!), and cleaned my birds. This took a good hour. However, I've just (see next post) finished highlight editing chapter four. I feel really productive, and settled for the rest of the evening.

As GRG reminded me, writers must 1) try to write every day, no matter how few the words and 2) read a lot.

I do the 2nd...time to do more of the first!


Krispy said...

So true! The internet does suck away so much time.

Yunaleska said...

Tell me about it. It's 11am...and I've been online since 9am - that was just sorting out tweets and doing a few emails. I'm about to start catching up on blogs.