Friday, 15 January 2010

Important News

Don't worry, blog isn't closing down. Far from it :)

Basically there's a new competition whose deadline is 26th Feb. I'm going to try and enter.

By try I mean I will not bust a gut in getting my entry ready, should life's normal curveballs prove too much.

However, it means that I am dropping Imperial Intrigue for the moment.

I might be picking up Inescapable Ties...but the content is probably too mature for 12 year olds so I may just write another story in that particular series (yes, all the books are standalone but it is a series).

Want to know about the content?'s what will be in it.

* Female protag is Muslim
* Set in space (sci-fi)
* There will be space stations involved.
* Humour
* Maybe an alien or two
* Mild peril

Yes, I am about to go and see which are the latest 9-12 year old books. I know I've read some, I just can't remember which ones they were... (that is the best way to judge what's appropriate for an age group).

Word limit is 35k. Can't remember the minimum, but I know its under 20k.

So that's me for the next month and a bit.

Plan of action:

Saturday: game all day with anime breaks. Plot entire time in my head (gaming is how I plot. It works really well - honest!)
Sunday: Catch up with reviews that I never got round to today (got distracted with shiny ARC pile that shot up), read, start writing.

Will keep you posted how it goes!


Suzette Saxton said...

Your blog is lovely! And the contest sounds great. Keep me updated - and best of luck!

Yunaleska said...

Thank you Suzette! I will :)