Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Chapter 6 report 1

I'm 444 words in (yes, this is funny considering yesterday editing chapter 5 to 888 words). I'm not churning out these numbers on purpose!

Muse is in full throttle (on full throttle?) . We're working great as a team. I've figured out Treanna's story in II (she's not as self-assured and confident as she looks). I'm looking forward to when I can write Hallie's view on Tre, because it will be quite different to what Tre's pov is. *hearts wip*.

I've figured out a few side plots - I'm so happy with Muse for the ideas she's coming out with . They are good! (at least they are good in my beta, who isn't under the thrall of my Muse might think differently).

Watch this space! In the next few days...well I'm still aiming for 300 words a day (yeah, I know I've exceeded it) but while I have the relative energy to write I'm keeping going.

Only, I shouldn't have mentioned the *e* word. Because now I'm not running on enthusiasm its beginning to hit me a little...mmmm. One day mental enthusiasm and body enthusiasm might actually just begin to meet each other.

Ok, new plan. Will read tonight. Tomorrow, I will look at the net in the morning, but I will not sort out blog posts etc until the afternoon. In between work emails I'll be writing :D

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