Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Chapter 5 complete!

At 888 words, it is less than half the length of a normal chapter. But the other option was to have several povs in this chapter, and that didn't quite feel right. After chatting it out with a friend, I decided to let it be a short chapter.

An awful lot happens in those 888 words (which is such a cool number, don't you think?) Originally it was 700 and something - I ended up adding a few.

I'm really excited about my wip. i want to get on and start chapter 6 right now! But I need to relax...with a book :) Might write tomorrow, but I've officially got the day off work as holiday and I intend to get some quality gaming and anime watching in.

(Yes....lets see how long it'll be before I open up my wip. I don't think I'll make it to lunch without writing).

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