Saturday, 16 January 2010

Diplomatic Disaster!

Is going to be my competition wip. I had an idea for something else...but yes couldn't figure out the main conflict quick enough.

DD has the benefit of...

...being partially written. I know the story. I know what's going to happen. It has explosions. It's content is more suited for children. I think it might even be funny in places.

Current word count: 6509/35,000

Before I checked the word count (so far), I thought I might have to eliminate 1 subplot. It looks as though I won't have to. Yay!

Keep watching this space. Right here! ------------>


Kimber An said...

Oooh, boy, you can do it!

Beth said...

Good luck, my friend! You can do it!

Yunaleska said...

Aww thank you! Will try. Today had stuff to do after work, so no writing. Definitely at the weekend, and hopefully tomorrow.