Friday, 25 December 2009

It's all in the name

While listening to anime soundtracks on youtube (loving the vids), I've been surfing the net (well duh, what else would I be doing?)

Anyway, I was trying to look into the copyright of Yunaleska (because the name is from the video game Final Fantasy X & X-2). Couldn't really find any. Yuna is actually a Japanese name.

Which got me thinking - maybe I'll keep Nayuleska as a pen name.

Why? Why not use my real name? (which unfortunately is found on the internet....). I could. But, if you google Nayuleska, most of the links all link back to me. I'm on some strange sites thanks to twitter, including a few dodgy ones. (which one of my friends thinks is really funny).

I like Nayuleska. I'm building up the name on this blog, and my review blog (which will have a lovely makeover by mid 2010). It's pretty unique (I made it up by switching syllables over). I think it would make a good pen name.

What do you all think? Have Nayuleska as a pen name? (I'd possibly use my surname or another surname).

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