Saturday, 26 December 2009

Chapter 3 progress report 3

Yay! I'm happy!

Writing near the end of the day isn't the best time to write. I couldn't form coherent ssentences to begin with. It was a struggle. But then I let a character yabber away and all was well. 305 words later is very well (even if that is poor grammar). I think I might be starting to get a feel for that 300 word limit. I stopped to see how many I'd written...and it was 305! Yay!

That's me for the day. I've just remembered I really need to start filling in a spreadsheet I've received to record all my writing down, so I can monitor progress. 300 words soon add up :) I'm a little out of date so I'm starting the data from 25th December 09. So far I've written 679 words. Yay!

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