Sunday, 27 December 2009

The glare of death

No, it isn't a new power in a wip (ha, that might happen). It is my glare of death to Itunes.

Or, as I dub it, Evil Tunes.

Basically my old laptop is dead. So I have a new one.

I've just downloaded Evil Tunes onto new laptop. I want to get everything on Dumb Ipod to Evil Tunes library. Simple, right?

Wrong. It is not simple. There isn't an easy option. I had to use google to find help.

I knew there was a way to open up the files and transfer them. Apple wasn't all that helpful in explaining how to do it - wiki ehow was much easiler to follow.

I was so worried I'd lose everything I'd got on there - which would be a disaster because I've managed to lose all the cds (don't ask how, I have a black hole in my room - even that gets misplaced).

In around 4 minutes everything should be uploaded to Dumb Ipod folder. I then go to Evil Tunes, select add folder to Evil Tunes library then it should all transfer.

I shall be very happy if it works.

Ok, I am happy because nearly all my files are on Evil Tunes. Bad news? They are all jumbled. Tomorrow I'll be spending the day liasing with my Ipod and Evil Tunes, getting the playlists in order.

Perhaps I ought to stop calling Evil Tunes Evil Tunes. I mean, I didn't realise podcasts were free.

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