Monday, 28 December 2009

Quiet Monday spent surfing

Afternoon/Evening/Morning all!

Today has been really productive. I've investigated and requested lots of books for review (I don't necessarily get them all). That was fun - it takes time but is well worth it.

Next up on the agenda - lunch. Very important egg and salad sandwich. Plus at least 1 episode of Noein.

Then it's writing time! What will happen in today's 300 words? Well, if my memory serves me a little light will be shed on what Treanna is up to.

I just tried to turn up the tv volume with my mobile phone.

Have a happy Monday!


M. Gray said...

Pretty blog! I hope you have an awesome afternoon writing! Now, if I can get my daughter to take a deliriously long nap and my son and his friend can play together more than deliriously well!

Yunaleska said...

Thank you :) I managed 340 words - yay! If it keeps up I might be able to make it to 400 words a day (although I might try 350 first).

Enjoying the rest of my day reading - although it's nearly dinner time and I plan on watching a film and carrying on with a long, snuggly cardigan I'm knitting.

I'm glad you like my blog :)