Thursday, 31 December 2009

Banana muffins!

(I don't just post about writing here).

Today's agenda is making banana muffins. Why? Well I have 3 slightly ripe bananas which means I refuse to eat them. I'm house sitting, so have been restricted by ingredients in the house. I will be leaving a few for the owner :)

Plus a friend is coming over this morning (yay!) and she loves muffins.

I had to find a recipe that used yogurt (because some needs using up). Then I had to find a recipe with oil, not butter (because I only have oil...). Then I had to find a site with conversion from cups to grams (because I only have a pair of scales here). I found one! Yay!

Will add a post letting you know how it all went. Could be fun - baking in an oven which I don't really know is always interesting. I can heat food it in. Can I bake?

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