Friday, 1 January 2010

*waves hello to 2010*

*waves again*

:D Sun shining. Blue sky. It's a good day. I've been fairly productive (3 book reviews, finished reading a book). And its only 11am.

Warning: from now on my blog may have posts about anime and gaming. I would *like* to set up a new blog just for anime and games, but I've figured maintaining two blogs is enough for me to cope with. So expect slightly more varied posts (apart from writing) here. I may even change my template! Nothing as fancy as my upcoming template on Nayu's Reading Corner, but hopefully something fun. It could involve Final Fantasy. (Make that, if I sit down and fiddle with a template it will be an FF template).

I'm currently watching the anime Otogi Zoshi, a 26 episode anime spanning two eras. The first is in Heian Japan, land of the samurais and shoguns etc. Those 13 episodes end sadly, with Hikaru, the protagonist, unable to stop the man she loves from trying to destroy the world. He doesn't destroy the world -only the city. But they both die in the process. I'm glad I actually found this out before watching it - I wasn't in need of quite so many tissues. It must be noted that until episode 12 Hikaru had no idea that the man she loved was the enemy (who always appeared behind a mask and wig).

The second half, episodes 14-26 take place in modern Japan. Thanks to reincarnation, Hikaru is alive with all of her friends in a slightly bizarre set up. She's a teenager, still goes to school....yet is somehow a landlady with all of her friends (only 2 survived the city destruction in the past) living in her home. It's quite a different feel to the first half, including different opening and closing songs (don't like either of them that much - loved the first half opening/ending songs). The essence of all the characters are there, as well as their original names. I'm enjoying it, and now plan to try and complete it by the end of today.

I already know it ends happily, but that just makes it all the more enjoyable watching it.

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