Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Muse slumps on beanbag

I've worked her hard today.

No, I haven't written any of chapter 4. I let Muse put on her editorial outfit, and set her loose on chapter 1.

1 hour 30 mins later I feel like an elephant's trampled on me. That's how I know when I work hard :)

Chapter one is done and dusted. It will next be looked at when I give the novel a once-over before handing it to my beta reader. I'm happy with it - for now.

Muse has worked her little socks off today, contemplating how to rephrase sentences, adding missing words (there were at least 10), axing words which don't make sense. I'm so proud of her.

I'm about to spend an afternoon feeding her with anime (Noein, for those who are interested). I might let her attack a novel I'm beta reading, if she musters up enough energy for it.

I now..

  • Have a file where I note important info like clothes, catchphrases etc. Important info which I need for the novel, but will instantly forget once I've written it.
  • Have a file with 1 liner of what the chapter is about.
  • Have a polished chapter one *beams*.
A productive day on the novel writing front :)

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