Sunday, 18 October 2009

A perfect way to spend a free day...

Today I haven't had to go anywhere, or do anything.

So, at 9am once I'd written a review, and surfed the net, I decided to spend the morning gaming. I managed one hour.

I love long gaming days, they are rare and precious. And yet, one hour in, all I could think about was 'I want to read and write'. That's what I've been doing.

The new three r's


Heehee. Read one book, due to review it after lunch. Then I'll probably read and review another book...and then I'm going to write! Determined to finish chapter 3 of DD. And get through 3 chapters of Termion. I've got 13 to read before it gets put aside for Imperial Intrigue!

What have you been up to this Sunday? Have you fitted any of the three Rs in?

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