Monday, 19 October 2009

II progress!

*jump around*

Started huge revision of Imperial Intrigue today. Thanks to Inky I have my writing statistics document all ready and working (with minor adjustments: I am not letting myself have an estimated word count. Right now, those kind of goals = pressure).

Although I am technically on chapter 8 of II, thank to new ideas for Muse I have to rename the chapters to insert a new first chapter. I've figured out how it goes, and made a grand total of around 130 words on it. Not bad for a first day.

Keeping the story active, and points relevant is hard. Trying to form coherent sentence is even harder. However, I believe that if I try and get it semi-correct now, it could save revision time later.

What better way to start a book than by having the First Crown Princess and her younger brother Prince Henri frogmarch her twin sister, the 2nd Crown Princess to the infirmary without anything the matter with her? No, it isn't a prank :)

Ahhh now to feed my muse with book food.


Beth said...

Yeah! I was just thinking about II yesterday :)

Yunaleska said...

I'm working on it! :D