Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday Fings!

It's Friday! What have I been creative about today? Well, my Muse is clearly not going to be working on Termion next. She's all geared up for major revision of Imperial Intrigue. I think I'm about 6 or so chapters in (it's been a while since I've worked on it). This morning I figured out that I'm adding a new first chapter.

The story starts at the event which turns Princess Elita into a cold hearted person. Initially I was going to refer to this in flashbacks, or dreams, but then thought why bother? Her experience (not that she'll remember it for a while) kicks off everything. It gives the reader the true nature of the Emperor (not tha tthey know he's the emperor yet), and what is at stake. I mean, if a character gets stolen from their room via a secret passage way into a secret lab each night, wouldn't you want to know why? Wouldn't you want to know why the villains are going to such lengths in using subliminal messages to get Elita to kill her parents? Wouldn't you want to know if Elita succeeds? (Remember, I'm not a nice writer. Imperial Intrigue has taken this long for me to get back to it because it isn't a cute fluffy book. It addresses issues which aren't the easiest to write about).

So I hope I'm doing the right thing in having this chapter as the first one. It provides the backstory, and raises heaps of questions.

Writing tonight = no chance. More at the weekend and next week. I'm beat - dealt with about 200 students handing in assignments (with another colleague. I couldn't cope alone!). I'm thinking me and dvds!

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Danyelle said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see how this turns out. :D