Friday, 23 October 2009

I don't just write..

...I create worlds!

Welcome to my abstract post of the day. I'm still fighting off those germ gremlins, so this is a summary of who I am.

I am a writer. I create worlds. I'm mean to characters. I make them suffer. I do provide the occasional ray of sunshine.

I am a reviewer. I devour books at any time of day. Thin ones, thick ones, ones with princesses, others without. All with a story to tell.

I am a betareader. I make writers look worried about their work. I then reassure them that I love their wip, it just needs a bit more pizazzz.

I am a gamer. I love beating monsters up, especially when real life ones are attacking me. I travel through many universes and I almost always defeat the bad guys.

I am me.

The end.


Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

:) I'm glad you're you though it might look like a shameless ploy to snare that Flake bar, I've passed on a blog award to you.

And maybe you'll be interested in reading my book when it comes out next year, Ms. Reviewer?

Yunaleska said...

Check your emails Amy!