Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Competition chocolate bar #1


Yes, I am giving away a chocolate bar. Several, to be precise.

Stricken by the lurgy, I would like to make your day brighter.

What you have to do: Tell me why you love chocolate (and which type, if you have a preference).

The prize:

A chocolate bar (English). Number of winners is currently undecided. At the moment, I would like to give away at least 10 chocolate bars, but it depends how many people enter.

The Rules

The Rules: As ever these are nice and simple
  1. One entry per person
  2. Deadline is Wednesday 4th November.
The deadline is sooner than the other competitions, but don't fear, I plan to do this semi-regularly (at least 4 times a year). All blog readers need chocolate!

How the entries are picked depends on the numbers. If less than 10 enter, then everyone wins. If more than 10 enter, it will be random selection.

This is a global competition! I'll post even if you live on the south pole. I can promise the polar bears won't take bites of the chocolate because they live near the other pole.


Jo said...

Wow! What an awesome giveaway, and how nice of you! What inspired you to giveaway chocolate? I love it!

I would like to enter if you don't mind, please. I'm very, very fussy when it comes to chocolate; I like it plain, with nothing in it. My favourite is Galaxy - you CANNOT beat Galaxy - and second would be Chocolate Aero (not mint, or orange, or whatever). So either would be awesome.

Is it weird that I'm more excited about winning chocolate than I am about books? Odd!

Email: joannestapley[at]googlemail[dot]com

Saffie said...

Love any milk chocolate particularly any sort with nuts in. And I love Toblerone.....mmmmmm might have to go out and get some.

Inkblot said...

*grin* I am way too addicted to chocolate, in any variety (except ultra-ultra dark - about 70% is my preferred limit :D). I usually like dark best, and white least, but two weeks ago I went through a weird phase of craving white, so there you go :D

I really need to wean myself off having /so much/ chocolate - I was doing well, but it was on SALE yesterday at the shops, so I bought some O:) Oops. Musta climbed into my basket by itself.

'Least I have the husband and sister to share it with O:)

Yay! Contest! hehe.

Krispy said...

You are a GODDESS for doing a contest like this.

I love chocolate. It is one of my most favoritest things. It comes in many different varieties and can be surprisingly rich and textured, but my favorite is MILK chocolate. I could go on for a bit (blame it on the chocolate factory tour I took), but I will just say one more thing: the Latin/scientific name for cacao literally means "food of the gods." I mean, how awesome is that? XD

Aaaand now I have a craving for Scharffen Berger milk chocolate bars. This is when I start wishing I still worked in a candy store.

Yunaleska said...


Glad you're all interested!

Jo - Galaxy rules! Dark = yummy

Saffie - mmmm toblerone! Nice to see you here.

Inky - all colours are tasty (dark has less sugar)

Krispy - thanks for linking me! I think its a wise thing I review book and not chocolate ;)

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Oh. Wow. I just stopped by to visit after our egg/microwave discussion yesterday, and here I find you giving out chocolate. English chocolate no less.

I would kill for a Flake bar. We can't get those in Boise. :(

Yunaleska said...

Well Amy, that flake could be winging its way to yousoon!

(forgot to add: due to the featherweight of chocolate, this could arrive on your doorsteps before the books arriving by sea post from the previous comp)

throuthehaze said...

What is not to love about chocolate? It is delicious. My favorite is milk chocolate but I am an equal opportunist and will eat any kind. I'm not too crazy about fruit flavors although I love chocolate covered fruit...go figure.

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

mari said...
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mari said...

chocolate? FREE chocolate?!??! i'm glad this isn't an early bird competition cos yours truly would have sooo lost. lol. that said, i hope the competition is still on cos i would love to get me some choccie preference really, any choccie will do (haha can you tell i'm an addict?)..i mean, assuming i have a small possibility of winning..and that i appear choccie-crazy enough. just so i can proof my chocolate craziness, i have 3 usernames to forums and youtube which have the word 'choc' in it. haha.. an added advantage? i certainly hope so ;)

lol, anywho, miss talking to u, Yunalaska! i've just set up a blog by the way;)

ElanaJ said...

Oh noes! Just saw your tweet! Um, how is it possible to list the ways I love chocolate?

That melty, gooey goodness coats my tongue.
Makes me forget about my empty inbox.
The number of queries I have out.
The number of words I haven't written yet.
And the dinner I burnt because of blogs I was reading.

So yeah. We had chocolate for dinner that night. And it made everything better.