Saturday, 12 September 2009

Saturday :)

*Muse appears*

Hiya! This is Yunaleska's Muse. Yunie's currently beached on the sofa, devouring up books as fast as she can. Sadly she isn't being lazy. I don't believe in Laziness.

While she's too tired to write, she's feeding me with wonderful books. Okay, so sometimes it takes her a little while to get through the pages, but after a while she'll speed up and I'm happy. The worlds she's taken me to today - Vikings (with a twist so large at the end she never thought it could happen). Flying eagles - okay, they fly, but huge ones carrying humans. Warring nations, soon as she's able to get back to the work which I'm producing the stories will be richer for her time reading.

I'm being treated to dvds later, or maybe video games where I can plot out my wips.

I'm hoping to rouse Yunie tomorrow, even if its just 30 mins of creativity. She wants to hibernate.

I, Yunaleska's Muse, will entertain you until she, the instrument of my imagination, is around for updates.

Purple trousers, anyone? (in reference to Inescapable Ties)


Kimber An said...

Dear Yuna's muse,

Just a warning. Don't come with Yuna when she visits my blog. My characters hate muses. I've tried Anger Management Therapy, chocolate, begging, and international diplomacy, but they still tend to toss muses into flaming tarpits. Why, just the other day, Angelica knocked Obi Wan Kenobi aside to chuck one in. Almost put Annikin Skywalker all the way in too and just think of what would have happened to the STAR WARS universe! So, please, if you must visit, wear a disguise and hide behind Yuna. Okay?

Yunaleska said...

*Yuna's Muse here*

Kimber An, perhaps your characters don't realise who and what I have fighting on my side.

Mist: an entity constructed entirely of all dark emotion.

I could go on, but if the characters can wrestle Jedi's, maybe I ought to stay settled in this blog.

Kimber An said...

Their new motto is 'Come to the Dark Side of the Force - We have Cookies!'