Sunday, 13 September 2009

Diplomatic Disaster Chapter 1

Yup, I'm 3/4 through this first chapter. Yay!

Thoughts so far: my word it could be an entertaining novel. Writing in first person is quite different. My character's view of life is interesting. She doesn't seem to take things seriously. It takes the use of a codeword before she realises her bodyguard isn't joking.

I'd wanted this to have the feel of a thriller to this wip. That so isn't happening. I really hope betas will come back saying 'yeah, reading the tension loud and clear'. I mean, I think I've got the seriousness of the situation across. Only, Zahaira (protag) finds humour in everything. I'm reading it thinking 'this girl is told her aunt is poisoned and she's not believing it'.

Only around oh 33 chapters until I can shove it at my alpha/beta reader. Then I'll find out the truth about Zahairah's voice. My Muse may think its funny, but I don't know whether to laugh yet.

Went over my 500 word goal by around 30 odd words so I'm happy. Slow and steady wins the race. Now back to reading published work which has me going 'wow. When will I reach this standard of writing?' The answer - hopefully within a decade :D

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