Friday, 18 September 2009

Diplomatic Disaster Chapter 2 COMPLETE

Yay! Reached double my writing goal (500 words), and finished chapter 2! I was really close, finding it hard to build up the mood. Looking forward to the edit to really tighten the tension and emotion, but for now it'll do. I'm half way there with it. (With the mood setting, not the novel!).

I had heaps of fun doing a little bit of research on grenades. I needed the light ones, and oh boy my Muse got many Ideas from reading about the different types. I now believe there will be a story before this one, explaining how Safiya went from meek maiden with a few wild streaks to a grenade throwing bodyguard. The transformation demands further explanation.

Anyone with an ounce of military knowledge will probably despair at my description of the grenade being launched - it goes 'wheeet'. I don't care. This is my wip, and I'll make the device so that it can go wheet just before the temporarily blinding light flashes.

Time for me to vegetate and my Muse to go figure out where to put all the types of grenades in my wips. She'll find a way, I have no doubt of it.

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