Thursday, 17 September 2009

1.1k! how much I managed on the start of chapter 2 of DD today. Yay!

Okay, Muse and I disagreed on one point. Muse won the argument. Safiya, the only main character in Inescapable Ties who doesn't have a POV dedicated to her, is now the 2nd bodyguard to Zuhaira in DD. She is the one who'll be there for Zuhaira throughout the novel. I guess Muse wants to really show Safiya's skills off which were hinted at in IT. I knew Safs would star in another wip, just didn't imagine it would be this one. Kinda changes everything in the story...but I'll figure it out somehow.


Muse will figure it out. She made the change. She can deal with it.

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